Pubic Symphysis Pain

Sep 26, 2022

Many women, including myself, experience pubic symphysis dysfunction while pregnant. It can cause a shooting pain in the pubic area, and activities of daily living may be difficult. Going up and down stairs, changing position in bed, sexual intercourse, getting up from a chair, bending forward, lifting heavy objects, and standing on one leg may cause pain. Clicking, snapping, or grinding may even be heard or felt in the pubic area.

As your pregnancy progresses, relaxin is produced by the placenta and ovaries. This hormone allows for ligamentous laxity in the pelvis. Sometimes too much relaxin is produced and it can cause an instability in the pelvis leading to pubic dysfunction and pain.

For most women, the pain at the pubic bones goes away with birth. Sometimes it may continue 6 months postpartum. Rarely will it continue longer than that.

Except for extreme cases, you can still have the birth you hope for despite pubic symphysis dysfunction, whether it's a vaginal birth or a Cesarean section. Exercises may be continued and core exercises may help strengthen and stabilize the area, which is especially important as you prepare for birth.

Chiropractic adjustments may also help as they restore motion and function of the spine, and therefore, restore function of your nervous system. Specific adjustments to the lumbar region and pelvis restore function of the lumbosacral plexus, allowing for proper production and secretion of relaxin so the pelvic girdle, including the pubic symphysis, isn't too lax and unstable. They also reestablish pelvic alignment, contributing to an ideal birth.

During my pregnancy, I was able to find relief from pubic symphysis pain by getting adjusted. Even though the relief lasted a few hours to a day depending on what I was doing that day, it was enough so that I wasn't miserable and depressed. I was still able to do all the activities I was used to doing and needed to do.

By getting adjusted, I ensured my nervous system didn't become stuck in a stressed, sad state. Physically I was able to get through pregnancy with minimal discomfort, give birth vaginally, and within a few weeks be back to my pre-pregnancy state. Mentally I was able to pull myself out of the frustrated state from when I struggled with my regular routine, to being able to care for my newborn and returning to work.

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Dr. Amanda Choong


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