Kick the Sick Series- All About Ear Infections

Oct 25, 2022

If your child has ever experienced ear pain, discharge from the ear, or hearing loss, you are not alone. Many young children suffer from an ear infection at some point. For some kids, it happens often.

It’s uncomfortable for your child and can be distressing as a parent to see your child in pain or discomfort. It becomes more difficult to complete your daily chores as your child needs to be comforted and snuggled more. Sometimes the signs of ear infection are less obvious and may only appear as a fever, ear rubbing or tugging, and sleep disturbances. If your child experiences frequent or persistent hearing loss from ear infections, it may negatively impact language, behavior, and progress at school.

The Eustachian tube plays a fairly large role in ear infections. It provides some protection for the middle ear against bacterial pathogens and respiratory viruses. It also equalizes pressure and allows for drainage of secretions from the middle ear space. It is shorter, wider, and more horizontal in infants than in older children and adults.

Both viruses and bacteria can cause inflammation of the nasopharynx and Eustachian tube inducing reactions that lead to infection. Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube leads to a negative pressure in the middle ear. The negative pressure allows the bacteria and/or viruses in the nasopharynx to move into the middle ear, which then causes inflammation and an ear infection.

Ear infections usually resolve on its own within a few days and rarely cause permanent hearing loss or developmental delays. If bacteria is the cause of the ear infection antibiotics may be needed.

A chiropractic adjustment in the neck will restore motion to the area, which restores function of the vagus and trigeminal nerves. These nerves directly supply the muscle attachments of the Eustachian tube. The adjustment reduces the tension of muscles and promotes lymphatic drainage away from the head. It also stimulates your immune system to help fight the infection present.

By stimulating your immune system, you are strengthening it. That means you become more resistant to infections and when an infection is present you can recover quicker. With a fully functioning nervous system, you will have a strong immune system to battle all sorts of illnesses including ear infections, so your child can go back to being their happy, playful self.

Do you know someone with a child that has an ear infection? Or is prone to recurring ear infections? Share this article with them and the benefits of getting adjusted regularly.

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