Improving Immunity by Improving Digestion

Jun 15, 2022
Does your baby deal with chronic colic or projectile vomiting? đŸ¤ĸ Did your older child grow into a diagnosis of ADHD, an autoimmune disorder, or Sensory Processing Disorder? If you answered “yes” to the second question, then chances are that you can look back and remember the constant spitting up, reflux, or difficulty feeding that they dealt with earlier in life đŸ‘ļ
So what’s the connection? It’s quite simple! The intestinal tract houses most of the immune system, makes most of the bodies neurotransmitters, is responsible for nutrient absorption and is one of the primary routes of detoxification. When the gut is unhappy, then the rest of the body, and thus the brain, is unhappy ☚ī¸
Our first go to is often different rounds of reflux medication 💊 that often provide temporary relief, but cause further problems down the road like immune challenges & more. When those pop-up, we turn to antibiotics that kill off the good bacteria in the immune system and lead to digestive issues & constipation. Before we know it, we have a stressed out nervous system and struggling kiddo.
A traumatic birth or stress experienced by mom while pregnant 🤰đŸŧ is often the first culprit to developing these problems early on.
Emotional and birth trauma create what chiropractors call “vertebral subluxation” which is interference in the nervous systems communication- which speeds up or slows down the rate that messages between the brain and body communicate.
The result: a brain that cannot properly communicate with the rest of the body and has trouble processing and regulating to its environment! đŸ˜ŗ
Sweet Zoe dealt with severe spit up and other sensory processing struggles, slow weight gain and more. Within 2 appointments her mom reported big improvements, and at a year the reflux and chronic colds were gone. Today, you’d never know those struggles once ruled their families days!
Pediatric chiropractic is the #1 drug-free option for calming almost all childhood neurodevelopmental disorders and struggles. 👏đŸģ say goodbye to medications you never felt good having to give your kiddos ❌ and hello 👋 to better health and development.
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