How Efficiently Are You Functioning?

Nov 22, 2022

Energy Efficient Functioning


It takes energy to function day to day. We need energy to go to work or school, to exercise, to play, and to communicate with friends or family. When we are low on energy but still need to function, it can lead to short tempers, meltdowns, and tantrums. If we can use energy efficiently, then we will have more energy to do fun activities.


Surface electromyography (sEMG) can measure how efficiently you use energy. If your sEMG scans show excessive energy expenditure, essentially energy is being wasted. This means you, or your child, will not have enough energy to handle the extra stresses life throws at you.


Chiropractic adjustments can get your nervous system balanced and functioning efficiently. The adjustments down regulate your sympathetic nervous system, which is in charge of your fight-or-flight response. They also stimulate your hypothalamus, which is the primary center for the regulation of energy balance. Your nervous system becomes more balanced, able to switch to a more sympathetic or parasympathetic dominant state depending on the situation, instead of being stuck in a sympathetic state. This means your body can function more efficiently so you have more energy to handle life and whatever it throws at you.


To find out how energy efficient you are, schedule an exam at Symmetry Chiropractic. We will perform an sEMG scan in addition to others to see how your nervous system is functioning.

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